Who We Are

NADI LEKOL NAS (Culture for all)

Cultural memories in motion

When we started our cultural adventure in 1998, our aim was to open the immense world of art and to make it accessible for everyone. We believe in culture as a dynamic process of creating, sharing and maintaining. 

In 2005, we started to safeguard, archive and transmit to current and future generations a range of cinematographic, musical and literary productions documenting Levantine artistic and cultural expressions since the 1930’s onwards. Because culture is universal and belongs to all, we restore and distribute cultural productions of Lebanon and the wider region, we protect the rights of their authors and value their contributions in activities and events. 

In addition to weekly itinerant film screenings and musical concerts, we launched in 2003 the Arab short film festival which enables emerging Arab filmmakers to promote their work and interact with their audiences. 

We are intercultural messengers. We dig for content, we store them and we build memories, so that culture remins affordable for all.

What We Do

NADI LEKOL NAS is commited to safeguarding cinematographic, cultural, and musical heritage.

We do that by restoration, digitization and storage of these works and productions after artworks rights acquisition. 

We conduct itinerant events, film screenings and debates.

We organize tributes and retrospectives for film directors, musicians, writers and poets.

  • Through major events including reinterpretation by contemporary artists
  • Animated by field professionals, academics & art critics

We organize the Arab Short Film Festival:

  • Emerging filmmakers screening & debates
  • Public cinematographic workshops

Distribution of:

  • Book production
  • CD/DVD production
  • Vinyl production

NKN In a Nutshell


1. Audio-visual public library for consultation & research


1.Emerging filmmakers screening & debates

2.Public cinematographic workshops


(Film Directors, Musicians, Writers & Poets)

1.Through major events including reinterpretation by contemporary artists

2.Animated by field professionals, academics & art critics


1.Cultural centers

2.Academic Institutions


4.Refugee Camps


Throughout its course of 20 years, underpinned by its core belief in the civic role of arts and culture, Nadi Lekol El Nas (Culture for All), has been committed to:

Safeguarding and transmitting to current and future generations, a range of cinematographic and musical productions documenting Levantine artistic and cultural expressions from the region since the 1930’s onwards.


Through its work and collaborations with various stakeholders from the public, academic and cultural realms, Nadi le_Kol el_Nas aspires to further articulate the civic role of art and to form well informed and critically engaged communities.

Our Aims

Expand our archives and facilitate research through “BEIT EL CINEMA”, our public documentation and consultation center.

Expand our cultural and educational outreach programmes for a wider and deeper engagement with the arts.

Foster local, regional and international collaborations and partnerships.

Our Core Values

We are committed to creating an inclusive, neutral, critical yet safe space for reflexion, research and dialogue for all while remaining detached from any political or religious affiliation and pressures.

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