Who We Are

NADI LEKOL NAS (Culture for All)

Cultural Memories in Motion


When Nadi Lekol Nas (NNK) started its cultural adventure in 1998, it aimed to open the immense world of art and to make it accessible for everyone. Nadi Lekol Nas believes in culture as a dynamic process of creating, sharing and maintaining it. 


In 2005, Nadi Lekol Nas started to safeguard, archive and transmit to current and future generations a range of cinematographic, musical and literary productions documenting Levantine artistic and cultural expressions since the 1930s onwards. Because culture is universal and belongs to all, Nadi Lekol Nas restores and distributes cultural productions of Lebanon and the wider region as well as protects the rights of their authors and value their contributions in activities and events.


In addition to weekly itinerant film screenings and musical concerts, Nadi Lekol Nas launched in 2003 the Arab Short Film Festival, which enables emerging Arab filmmakers to promote their work and interact with their audiences. 


Nadi Lekol Nas is an intercultural messenger that digs for content, stores it and builds memories so that culture remains accessible for all.

What We Do

Nadi Lekol Nas is committed to safeguarding cinematographic, cultural and musical heritage and does it through restoration, digitization and storage of these works and productions after artworks rights acquisition. 


Nadi Lekol Nas conducts itinerant events, film screenings and debates.


Nadi Lekol Nas organises tributes and retrospectives for film directors, musicians, writers and poets:

–       Through major events including reinterpretation by contemporary artists 

–       Animated by field professionals, academics and art critics


Nadi Lekol Nas organises the Arab Film Festival:

–       Emerging filmmakers, screenings and debates

–       Public cinematographic workshops


Nadi Lekol Nas distributes:

–       Book production

–       CD and DVD production

–       Vinyl production

NKN In a Nutshell


1. Audio-visual public library for consultation & research


1.Emerging filmmakers screening & debates

2.Public cinematographic workshops


(Film Directors, Musicians, Writers & Poets)

1.Through major events including reinterpretation by contemporary artists

2.Animated by field professionals, academics & art critics


1.Cultural centers

2.Academic Institutions


4.Refugee Camps


Naja Al-Ashkar

Chief Executive and Artistic Director


Founder of Nadi Lekol Nas, Naja also acts as its Chief Executive and Artistic Director. Throughout the years, Naja proactively worked on expanding the remit of the organization. From the stream of work focusing on restoration, digitization of old Levantine artwork, Naja developed Nadi Lekol Nas’ outreach program into different strands to reach out to the widest audience possible. He is also responsible for building partnerships and expanding the network of Nadi Lekol Nas in the region and beyond.


Myriam Sassine

Vice President

Myriam Sassine majored in cinema studies at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in 2005, and received her M.A. in cinema research in 2009. In 2012, she became an Associate Producer at Abbout Productions working on several features films. She produced Lebanon Factory (Opened the Director’s Fortnight-Cannes Film Festival 2017), the restoration of Ila Ayn? the first Lebanese auteur film, and many feature documentaries. Myriam is the  COO of Schortcut Films, dedicated  to coproducing international features and the Executive Director of Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival, the first fantastic film festival in the Middle East. Since 2005, Myriam joined Nadi Lekol Nas and acts today as the organization’s vice president. She planned and supervised several of the association’s endeavors such as film retrospectives, concerts, film restorations…etc.

Liana Kassir

Archives Officer

Liana Kassir completed her Higher Education in Audiovisual Studies in Paris (2010), and wrote her final dissertation about Lebanese cinema during the war. Liana  works as a screenwriter, director, curator, film club host, programmer at film festivals. As our Archives officer, she is in charge of the restoration, digitization and archive of films and acts as coordinator of the media library “Beit el Cinema”.

Hala Caroline AbouZaki

PR / Board Member

Hala Caroline Abou Zaki is an anthropologist. She received her PhD in Social Anthropology and Ethnology from the “Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales”  in Paris and obtained a diploma in cinema studies from the “Institut d’études scéniques et audiovisuelles” of Saint Joseph University in Beirut. Her research focuses  on conflicts and migrations in the Middle East, and more specifically on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, migrations from Syria to Lebanon and Palestinian  and Syrian families’ dispersal in conflicts context. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Brookes University. Hala is part of Nadi Lekol El Nas since 2008. She actively contributes to several of the association’s activities (film retrospectives, festivals…).

Flavia Juska Bechara

ASFF Coordinator

Born in 1985, Flavia Juska Bechara is a self-taught actress and photographer.Her curiosity never failed to push her to try all sorts of jobs in the film industry.After playing the lead role in two International multi-award winning feature films (The Kite 2004 & Adam`s Wall 2009), and in the Lebanese drama (Awake 2019), she recently aimed to discover her skills in photography and writing, which proved to be the ideal process to convey her emotions. Flavia is into film, poetry, music; she is also interested in every aspect of being alive, in every experience life offers and in every single breath her daughters inhale.

Nisreen Massoud

Media Ninja and Translator

Nisreen Massoud took a bachelor degree in Theatre at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences. Alongside being a voice-over talent with over 20 years of experience in dubbing, and a drama teacher, she has been doing translation and time code services for Nadi Le Kol Nas since 2009: The Most Beautiful of All Mothers and All for the Fatherland by MAROUN BAGDADI, Lebanon War by PALESTINIAN CINEMA INSTITUTION and many more… Now, and alongside translation, Nisreen is a social media specialist at Nadi Le kol Nas, networking to promote and publish content on social media. 


Throughout its course of 20 years, underpinned by its core belief in the civic role of arts and culture, Nadi Lekol El Nas (Culture for All), has been committed to:

Safeguarding and transmitting to current and future generations, a range of cinematographic and musical productions documenting Levantine artistic and cultural expressions from the region since the 1930’s onwards.


Through its work and collaborations with various stakeholders from the public, academic and cultural realms, Nadi le_Kol el_Nas aspires to further articulate the civic role of art and to form well informed and critically engaged communities.

Our Aims

Expand our archives and facilitate research through “BEIT EL CINEMA”, our public documentation and consultation center.

Expand our cultural and educational outreach programmes for a wider and deeper engagement with the arts.

Foster local, regional and international collaborations and partnerships.

Our Core Values

We are committed to creating an inclusive, neutral, critical yet safe space for reflexion, research and dialogue for all while remaining detached from any political or religious affiliation and pressures.

Our Partners and Collaborators


1. Dar el- Nimer For Arts and Culture

2. Al-Jana: Arab Resource center for popular arts

3. Foundation As-Safir

4.  Abbout Productions

5. Action for Hope

6. Assabil – Municipal Public Library Bachoura

7. Dar Al-Fourate (Abboud Abou Jaoudeh)


1.The Edward Said National Conservatory for Music (Palestine)

2.Cinémathèque -Alternative Film Centre (Cairo)

3.Ismailia International Film Festival

4.Museum of Palestine (Birzeit)


1.La Cinémathèque Française 

2.Cinematek -Royal film archive of Belgium 

3.Animation 8 Cinema 

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