Cinema Archives

Nadi Lekol Nas focuses on archiving cinematographic productions. It restores, digitizes, promotes and distributes Lebanese and Arab independent films to make them accessible to the widest audience. In the last two decades, the association has produced more than 60 DVDs, and distributed more than 70 Arab films, connecting directors to various publics.

Today, Nadi Lekol Nas is working on a project entitled Beit El-Cinema (Cinema’s house). It comprises a research platform, which grants access to a large collection of archives from Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Egyptian cinema. Its objective is to facilitate research and provide access to a variety of archived material about Lebanese and Levantine cinematography such as films, books, press reviews, screenplays, Masters and PhD theses, and posters.

The Directors

Maroun BagdadiMaroun Bagdadi

Maroun Bagdadi

Borhane AlawiyaBorhane Alawiya

Borhane Alawiya

Christian GhaziChristian Ghazi

Christian Ghazi

Georges NasrGeorges Nasr

Georges Nasr

Daoud Abdel SayedDaoud Abdel Sayed

Daoud Abdel Sayed

Randa ChahalRanda Chahal

Randa Chahal

Jean ChamounJean Chamoun

Jean Chamoun

Mai MasriMai Masri

Mai Masri

Mohamad MalasMohamad Malas

Mohamad Malas

Heiny SrourHeiny Srour

Heiny Srour

Elie KhalifehElie Khalifeh

Elie Khalifeh

Fouad OlaiwanFouad Olaiwan

Fouad Olaiwan

Hadi ZaccakHadi Zaccak

Hadi Zaccak

Kays Al-ZubaydiKays Al-Zubaydi

Kays Al-Zubaydi

Hani Abu-AssaadHani Abu-Assaad

Hani Abu-Assaad

Khairy BesharaKhairy Beshara

Khairy Beshara

Mahmoud HojeijMahmoud Hojeij

Mahmoud Hojeij

Dahlia FathallahDahlia Fathallah

Dahlia Fathallah

Youmna ItaniYoumna Itani

Youmna Itani