The Search For Sayed Marzouk

1h 25min Drama
Writer: Daoud Abdel Sayed
Stars: Hussein El Sherif, Athar El-Hakim, Nour El-Sherif

Yousef, an innocent and naive employee, meets on his day off a peculiar billionaire dressed as a tramp, known as Sayyed Marzouk. In his quest for the story of Sayyed Marzouk, Yousef finds himself accused of murder.

Daoud Abdel Sayyed’s second feature film, that sets off his language for the films to come. The Search of Sayed Marzouk counts a twenty-four-hour life-changing experience in the life of Youssef Kamel (Nour al Sherif), an innocent and naïve working man, who from the moment he wakes up and leaves his house in the morning, he encounters disturbing situations and odd encounters like with Sayed Marzouk, a compulsive liar who gets Youssef in trouble to the point of murder.