Nadi Lekol Nas (NNK) is a 20-year-old non-profit cultural organization whose mission is to safeguard and transmit to current and future generations a range of cinematographic, musical and literary productions documenting Levantine artistic and cultural expressions since the 1930s onwards. All community outreach programs of the organizations are designed in a way to develop progressive civic voices. They do not only tap into our cultural heritage but also tackle important issues such as human rights, women’s rights, freedom of speech, etc.


Cinema Archives

Cinema Archives

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Musical Repertoire

Literary Productions

Literary Productions

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Due to the Covid19 precautions, Nadi Lekol Nas’ events are postponed until further notice.

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1500 film screenings and debates

150 concerts

40 tributes and retrospectives

14 editions of the Arab Short Film Festival

800 cinematography workshop participants

100,000 attendees

100 Lebanese municipalities

20 refugee camps

20 schools and universities 

60 DVDs produced and distributed for more than 

50 film directors

100 CDs

6 books