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Youmna Itani

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Youmna Itani

Picture 1 Eye Tattoo

Duration: 30 minutes
Cast: Omar Thalge, Ihab Mhamad Lababidi, Othman Al Eter, Zakaria Mikati

Ibrahim, 17 years of age, lives on the fringes of society.He is a victim of poverty, drugs abuse and domestic violence...

His frequent spells in prison have made a lasting impression on his life...
Sniffer, a young man, 18 years of age, is prey to the same torments and sense of destruction.
The only way he can get what he wants is through violence. Racketeering earns him his daily bread.
Sniffer confronts Ibrahim to extract some money from him. Ibrahim refuses, puts up a fight and stabs his blackmailer.
Upon reaching his home, Ibrahim is savagely beaten by his sadistic father. He flees his home and finds refuge in an abandoned car.

The dreams of these young people are no more than illusion and the laws that prevail in the environment in which they live pull them into an infernal mashine without hope of escape.