Entertainment & Arts
Every year, Nadi lekol Nas organizes live appearances of local music groups and manages the distribution of their albums.

Until now we have promoted the work of famous musicians such as Omar ZEINI, Ahmad KABOUR, Oumaima KHALIL, Toufic FAROUKH, Tania SALEH, Rim EL BANNA, Sami HAWAT, Ghada SHBEIR, Ghada GHANNEM, Bashar ZARKAN and Mashrou' Leila..

Tania Saleh

Ahmad Kaabour

Oumeima Khalil

Omar Zeini

Toufic Faroukh

Rim El Banna

Sami Hawat

Ghada Shbeir

Ghada Ghannem

Bashar Zarkan

Mashrou' Leila

Our association restored and screened the work of many prominent Arab filmmakers such as: Maroun BAGHDADI, Burhan ALAWIAH, Jean CHAMOUN, Mohammad MALAS, Hany ABU-ASAAD, May MASRI, Christian GHAZI, Hadi ZAKAK, Mahmoud HOJEIJ and Nasri HAJJAJ.

Nadi Lekol Nas released The work of these directors on DVDs and distributed them worldwide.

Maroun Baghdadi

Burhan Alawiah

Jean Chamoun

Mohammad Malas

Hany Abu-Asaad

May Masri

Christian Ghazi

Hadi Zakak

Mahmoud Hojeij

Nasri Hajjaj

Hicham Kayed

Youmna Itani

Driven by 10 years of experience in the film distribution, Nadi Lekol Nas has started to produce short films and documentaries.

We cover all aspects of film production , from development to pre-production, production and post-production.

Nadi Lekol Nas is dedicated to produce intriguing and original films that resonate with both Arab and western audiences.

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