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Mohammad Malas

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Mohammad Malas
Born on 1945.
he study filmmaking in V.G.I.K Moscow 1969-1974.
During this period, he directed 3 short feature films:
- ” The Dream of a Small City, 10 minutes.
- ” The Seventh’s day “ , 20 minutes.
- “every body is his place and everything is under control, Sir,” 30 minutes.
This last one was his graduation project and it was about the political prison experience in Egypt before ad during the war of 1967. worked with the Egyptian novelist Suna’Allah Ibrahim .

In the Syrian Television He directed :
- “Al Quneitra 74’, short feature film, 20 minutes;
- “Al Zhakira”, The Memory, documentary, 13 minutes;
- “Furat”, documentary, 34 minutes.

He wrote, with the director Omar Amiralay and in collaboration with Suna’Allah Ibrahim, the script “Al Karamita”.
- His first long feature film “Ahlam Al madina”, The dreams of the City.1984.
- He directed a long documentary “Al Manam”, The Dream, in 1987.
- His second long feature film “Al Layl”, The Night.1992.
- He realized With Omar Amiralay and Ossama Mohammad

2 Tele films :
" Light and Shadows, a documentary 52 minutes .
Portrait of the Syrian Cinema Pioneer: Nazih Shahbandar in the occasion of the Cinema Centennial Day in 1995.

- “ Mouddaress ”, a documentary 52 minutes. Portrait of the Painting and Plastic Art Syrian Pioneer: Fateh Al Mouddaress in 1996
- He directed «Alepo.. Makams of Pleasure » a documentary , 52 minutes 1998 . Portrait of the Singer sabri Mudalal.
- «On the sands, Under the Sun » Feature . 34 min. about «prisoners of opinion » On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights .
- « Looking for Aida » feature. 90 min . 1999
- « Bab Al Makam » ( Passion ) Feature . 100 minutes . 2004
- "Al Mahhed " Feature. 110 minutes . 2007
- "Maharem " , 2008 .Feature. 32 minutes . 2008
- He realised two Tele films about Marsil Khalifa, for the cultural foundation in Abu Dhabi .
- He realized for the television, many episodes of a program on the International Plastic Art .

Malas , earned awards for his film :
The Dreams of the City ; The Golden Tanite, Cartage 84 , The Golden Palm, Valencia 84 and The U.N.E.S.C.O. Award, Festival de Cannes 84 .
The Night ; The Golden Tanite, Cartage 92 , The First Award, Freibourg Festival 1993, Switzerland , The First Award, Bruges Festival, 1993, Belgium , and The Silver Award, Valencia Festival, 1993, Spain.
The Dreams, he earned the award of S.C.A.M. , Festival FIPA, 1989, Cannes.

He wrote novel
“ Advertisements about a City that Lived before the War”.
published - Beirut, 1979 and Damascus, 1990 .

He published
“Al Manam; Moufakarat film ”, “ The Dream;
a Film Diary “ . - Beirut 1990 .
« The Night » Scenario. , Damascus, 2003 .
The diary film of «Every body in his place and every thing is under
control, sir, officer » Beirut , 2003.

Latest Work:

His Film “Ladder to Damuscus” is now participating in Torronto International Film Festival -TIFF

The Night
Country: Syria
Format: 35 mm. Color, Wide screen, optic
Duration: 116 Minutes
Language: Arabic
Year of production: 1992
Director: Mohammad Malas
Script: Mohammad Malas & Ossama Mohamad
Director of photography: Yussef Ben Yussef
Editor: Kais Al-Zubeidi
Musiacal arrangement: Vahe Demergian
Sound: Sophie Bastein
Mixing: Thierry Sabatier
Cast: Sabah Jazairy - Fares helou - Rafik Sbei’I – Riad Charhrour - Omar Malas - Maher Sleibi – Hazar Awad - Raja Kotrach - Abdulilah Dawleh
Production: National Film Organization, Damascus - Syria Maram for Cinema & Television, Beirut – Lebanon
Co - Production: La Sept Cinema, France Channel 4, England

Synopsis:In the destroyed city of Quneitra, we can find the grave of an old warrior for the Palestine.
His son, the author of the script, is trying to restore the dead man’s histoiy, by mixing echoes of his mother’s memory with his desire to give a more honorable death to his father.Therefore, he is tlying to exorcise a feeling of shame and humiliation that long accompanied the image of his fater and also his town, occupied by Israelis at the year 1967.
With this restoration of live and death, the author traces the outlines of a memory tortured by burning questions with, always, bitter ansswers.
Picture 1 1999, leppo, Magams for pleasure

Duration : 52 Minutes
Description : Documentary, Betacam / SP
Photography : Yussef Ben Yussef
Editor : Qais Al Zubeidi
Script and director : MOHAMMAD Malas
Production : Suedi Film, Abu Dhabi AMIP, Paris –France.
Executive producer : Dunia Film . Damascus – Syria.
Tel.: (963-11) 4424837
Fax: (963-11) 4464837

Synopsis:Sheik Sabri Mudallal (83 years) is consideres the latest of the Masters of Tarab and reciting in Aleppo.
The troupe (turath) that he established, is considered an oriental orchestra that maintains of singing and reciting in its most originality and purity, as far as singing, music processing and used instruments, are concerned.

According to Mudallal, this kind of singing is connected with the loyalty to the traditions of singing and the preserving of the classical school of singing in Aleppo that is considered one of the main schools in oriental music. Although this school was based on the religious reciting, many masters has revived and developed its basics in the beginning of this century, among them were, Sheik Ali Darwish, Omar Al Batch and Bakri Al Kurdi.

Sheik Sabri Mudallal, who was the disciple of these masters, remains the witness and the keeper of this school. His memory and experience is a historical reference to all his predecessors.