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Nadi li kol el Nas is a cultural association founded in 1998 and still shows its work in Beirut including all Lebanese regions and intheArab andseveral Europe and countries.

Since that year, it organized many activities that are interesting to the new generation.Since 2003 it organizes an annual Lebanese and Arab student and youth Film Festival, under the title "Arab Short Film", thus providing a chance for dialogue between the directors and the audience.

The club is mainly interested in archiving cinema movies and musical work through releasing it on DVD, CDand books.
The most prominent works that the club archived it is the work of each of the directors: Maroun BAGHDADI, Burhan ALAWIAH, John CHAMOUN, Mohammad MALS, HanyABU-ASAAD, May MASRI, Christian GHAZI, HadiZKAK, Mahmoud HJEIJ.

It also issued a number of famous artists and musician's works most notably: Omar ZEINI, Ahmad KABOUR, Oumaima KHALIL, Toufic FAROUKH, Tania SALEH, Rim EL BANNA, Sami HAWAT, Ghada SHBEIR, Ghada GHANNEM, Bashar ZARKAN and Mashrou Leila band.

The assembly was a youth initiative and then turned to be an active foundation in cities and villages in order to strengthen the dialogue language and culture.

The club is for all people, because our initiative includes everyone and we believe in human beings without discrimination. With a little more effort we can discover ourselves in the city, at the road, between and with all people.

For those who would like to participate in this festival, kindly apply online through Nadi Lekol Nas website:

And send your films to this address:
Al Muntada Bldg. Clemenceau
P.O.Box: 113-7462
Beirut- Lebanon

Please note that any missing information will lead to cancel your application.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us :

Flavia Juska Bechara
Festival Coordinator
+961 76 163303

Naja Al Ashkar
NLN Manager
+961 3 888763


- DVD and Mini Dv of the film
- Completed technical sheet
- Completed application form
- Picture from the film
- Picture of the director

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us
Tel: +961 76 163303 / +961 3 888763