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Christian Ghazi

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Christian Ghazi

Picture 1 2009 Coffin of the Memory (2001)

Duration: 42 min.
Synopsis: After an interruption of thirty years. Christian Ghazi resumes his cinematographic work with the documentary “Coffin ot the Memory”. The film mixes newly shot interviews with archive images. In the interviews it sheds light on two basic issues, solitude and economic situation. Through images and simple daily situations, Christian Ghazi draws a portrait of the Lebanese society, a society drowning in its contradictions and its search for an empty individualism and the superficiality of daily consumption, that of production, ideas, time and space.
Picture 1 2009 Hundred Faces for a Single Day (1969)

Duration: 63 min
Synopsis: In this film Christian Ghazi combines dramatic narration with documentary footage in order to give an analytical perspective of the Lebanese society in the early seventies. It’s one of the few political Arab films that presents a new form of audio and visual narration.